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Current version : (2015-09-05)
IBM_ECW is a small tool aimed at reducing heat dissipation and power consumption of IBM ThinkPads computers. It has 3 main functions :
Other features :
Download (Windows 95 / NT 3.51 or later [x86], Windows 2003 or later [x64]) : IBM_ECW.ZIP

Screenshots :

Installation : Just copy the IBM_ECW.EXE file to a folder of your choice and run it. It will install its driver to %WINDIR%\system32\drivers and create a configuration file named %WINDIR%\IBM_ECW.INI.
If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, you will first have to disable Driver Signature Enforcement to be able to install the driver. You can also use the alternate build below that uses the WinRing0 driver which is signed. The only difference is that the patching functions will not work. Using the WinRing0 version is not recommended (because of performance and security issues).
Please review the parameters of the configuration window before saving, especially the values that the program tried to detect automatically (they can be incorrect) : FSB base frequency and GPU I/O address.

The program needs to be run as an administrator for the first time (and every time if you don't use it as a service). Please see the help file for more details.

DOS and OS/2 version : Here is a very basic command-line version of the tool for DOS and OS/2.

Alternative Windows x64 build using the WinRing0 driver (see above) : IBM_ECW_WR0.ZIP

Linux version (alpha stage) : IBM_ECL.ZIP